A tribe of Christ followers committed to engaging the dark, dangerous, and despised corners of the world.

We currently offer three different training programs
for aspiring Unusual Soldiers.


Got what it takes to bring the hope of Christ to an unreached tribe in a hostile environment?  Discover the core values of every Unusual Soldier in this rugged scenario-based survival camp.


Ready to make the leap to become an "independent" missionary?  Slingshot helps you prepare a strategy that will help you engage the territory that you are burdened for.


Dangerous places are no place for big egos or naiveté.  Shrewd will help you understand how "wolves" (bad guys) think and give you insights on how to overcome them.  This training is coming soon!


This website is currently getting revamped.  The full website will be "unleashed" soon.  Thank you for your patience. Click here to see what is coming soon.