In 2005 Caleb decided safety was overrated.  Realizing there is nowhere on earth beyond the reach of God's love, he became what some have labeled a "real life Indiana Jones" or an "extreme missionary,"  traveling to some of the world's most dark, dangerous, and despised places.  He has ventured to conflict zones in Africa, into illegal brothels in Asia, to Central American prisons, and down tributaries in the Amazon.  The journey has not always been easy,  but Caleb has witnessed God's light break through the darkness again and again. His endeavors have sparked new churches and launched new ministries. He is the author of DANGEROUS, an ordained minister, a graduate of Bethel College, and a former pastor. He lives in the sticks of Nebraska, along with his wife, and their four children.

Forge Speaker
Caleb is a speaker for Forge. Caleb connects and challenges audiences through creativity, humor, urgency, and stories of mission-driven adventure.  Caleb is a mobilizer at heart, he strives to awaken followers of Christ to engage hard and difficult places.  Caleb has spoken at college campuses, music festivals, missions conferences, churches, retreats, and men's events across the United States and Canada.

Founder of Unusual Soldiers
Caleb is the founder of Unusual Soldiers. Caleb equips students how to engage the world's toughest places through outdoor scenario-based "bootcamps", adventure programs, and thru classroom training sessions.  His training is often outside-the-box and many of his lessons (and handbooks) are visual, simple, memorable, and reproducible.  Caleb training has been a launching pad for national missionaries, independent missionaries, and traditional missionaries. 

Caleb is the author of Dangerous. A book that not only shares some of his exploits, but also aims to mobilize aspiring Unusual Soldiers to engage dark, dangerous, and despised places worldwide. Caleb’s book is available at bookstores everywhere. You can get your copy here.



  • Caleb was a pastor for eight years before he stepped out to launch Unusual Soldiers full-time thru Forge.

  • Caleb has ministered on every inhabited continent and many different environments.

  • Caleb married his first girlfriend. She doesn't travel with him, but she fully backs his ministry and endeavors.

  • Caleb emptied his bank account and went on a solo trip to unreached Maasai tribes in 2005. The courageous spirit of the Maasai redefined his life, his ministry, and awakened a global vision . The unusual soldiers logo now carries the image of a Maasai boy on the border of a dangerous place.

  • Caleb was trained in survival by Bear Grylls and former British Commandos in the Scottish Highlands. He was later trained to be a Survival instructor in Nevada's Valley of Fire.

  • Caleb was called quiet, timid, and shy in high school, but he did his best to destroy that stereotype when he raced motocross.

  • Caleb continually battles ADD, Chronic fatigue, and severe allergies.

  • Caleb has literally ate monkey brains and drank his own...(you fill in the blank).

  • Caleb is a certified Wilderness First Responder with NOLS and was trained in Risk/Crises Management by CCI.

  • Caleb was awarded Alumnas of the Year by his Alma mater in 2017.

  • Caleb has been interviewed on multiple radio and TV programs. (700 Club interactive, Moody Bible Radio, 100 Huntley Street - Canada, Harvest Show, Open House - Australia, etc)

  • Caleb grew up working for his Dad on a farm and both of his parents were his church youth leaders.

  • During Caleb's first year of youth ministry he trained a select few students each year in a program he called "Unusual Soldiers." A name that an older gentleman had labeled him and some church planters a few months prior.

  • Caleb takes each of his kids on a rugged spiritual adventure when they turned 5 years old. He loves building forts and reading them the Action Bible.

  • Caleb has searched for a hidden treasure, but unlike Indiana Jones he came up empty handed.


  • 13th Floor: Awakening the call to Dark, Dangerous, and Despised Places

  • Abandon the Ordinary: Rediscover who you are and what you are capable of through Christ

  • Parabouleuomai: Taking Foolish Risks...Wisley

  • Pick a Fight: Discern who God has called you to fight for

  • Bullseye Pursuing Jesus above all else

  • Baal-Perazim: Following God's Voice

  • Endangered Species: Living fearless for Christ

  • A Dangerous Invitation: Becoming a Follower not just a believer

  • Point of no Return: Living in total Surrender

  • Empowered: Doing mission in the power of the Holy Spirit

  • Prequel: Caleb's testimony of destroying timidity

  • Death Penalty (Substitute): A simple yet gripping salvation message

  • Breathing Courage: The power of building up and igniting others

  • Next Gen: Understanding, Engaging, and Reaching the next generation

  • DNA: DNA of a healthy growing church

  • Resilient: Never Waver. Never Give Up.

  • Zero Point Zero: Reaching Unureached People Groups

  • And others...



  • Humility: Positioning yourself to be used greatly by God

  • Humility: Rediscovering who you are

  • Passion: Making Intimacy with God your Priority

  • Passion: Love beyond suffering

  • Vision: Multiply until you die (Make Disciples)

  • Vision: Where is your territory?

  • Vision: Led by the Holy Spirit

  • Courage: Unbreakable in the face of temptation

  • Courage: Initiative to take Risks for the mission


  • Igniting a Disciple Making Movement,

  • Making "Unusual Soldier" Disciples

  • Independent Missionaries? Short termer? Long termer?

  • Starting a ministry, Creating a website

  • Scouting and Navigation Tips

  • Low Budget travel Tips

  • Engaging another Culture with respect

  • Developing Healthy Partnerships

  • Handling money oversea

  • Developing a Missions Strategy

  • Tools, Apps, and Ministry Gadgets

  • Building a Team: Sharing a Vision, Raising funds, Developing a Prayer Force.

  • Tips on writing a newsletter that get read

  • And others...


  • Priorities of Survival: Protection, Food, Water, Fire, Shelter, Clothing, Navigation, etc.

  • Theology of Risk-Taking

  • Risk/Crises Management

  • Becoming SnakeDove: Being a hard target, Knowing how the "wolves" think, Resisting an active shooter, Surviving a Hostage situation, Situational awareness, etc

  • Escape, Evasion, and Rescue Tactics

  • And others...