Qualifications: This internship consists of two back to back Stranded training events.  You must have completed a Stranded or a Slingshot training event to apply.  The goal of Stranded is to awaken people to minister in dark, dangerous, and despised places worldwide.  As an intern it would be ideal if you have done ministry in one of these places.  Personal testimonies of students who have graduated Stranded has had a profound impact on teams in the past.  Overseas experience is a bonus, but not necessary. 

Saturday, June 6th (1PM) to Saturday, June 13th (6PM)

Arrival time: Saturday, June 6th (1PM)
Orientation begins at 1pm at the Unusual Soldiers HQ. 

Departure time: Saturday, June 13th (6PM)

* There will be an optional Alumni Retreat following Stranded in 2020. More details to come.

Cost:  $150
Price includes meals, shower, and "lodging."
Pay in cash on arrival.

What to bring:

  • Tent (if you have one)

  • Sleeping bag

  • Red outfit for Vulture tribe night (be unrecognizable)

  • Hiking shoes

  • Mosquito/Tick repellent

  • Black outfit for rebel encounters

  • Snacks

  • Servants heart

  • Other gear will be checked out to you on arrival.

Number of interns: 4 to 6
Preferably three guys/three ladies.

Unusual Soldiers HQ
1411 L Street
Franklin, Nebraska 68939

Lodging House
804 18th Ave
Franklin, Nebraska 68939


  • Strandterns will need to respect the leader over them

  • Strandterns will be used as Stranded Characters: Vultures, Rebels, Security, etc.

  • Strandterns will do late night check ups on the teams

  • Strandterns will help with team building activities

  • Strandterns will ocassionally debrief with their teams,

  • Strandterns may be used to oversee a specific Stranded Team if needed.

  • Strandterns will need to know the Unusual Soldiers curriculum in order to quiz and rehearse it with the students to make sure they get it.

  • Strandterns will need to have a servant's heart. There will be "grunt work" jobs to do that simply aren't fun. They will help set things up, move things, and tear things down.

  • Strandterns will need to be encouragers. Stranded is a load to take on and the morale on the leadership team must stay positive and high.

  • Strandterns will need to be willing to let their great ideas for STRANDED die. We realize that there are a lot of great ideas on how to do STRANDED different, but your great ideas most likely won't get played out this year.

  • Strandterns will need to stay flexible. There will be moments of boredom and moments that you will be swamped. Keep in mind that "Go Time" is often during the night.

Specific Roles:
The following are a few specific roles that would be a major bonus for our internship team.   

  • Medic - Someone who is certified in medical training.

  • Night Owls - Someone who will sleep in a tent and check up on people at night.

  • Runners - Someone who will deliver meals and necessary items to the teams and leaders in the pasture.

  • Survivalists - Someone who knows ropes, knots, safety, harnesses, and basic survival. If you are certified...even better!

  • Videographer - Someone who will take pictures/video and edit them for a video to watch, before departure.

  • Actor/Actress - Someone who can deliver when it comes to acting.


Please keep in mind that we are trying to shuffle different people through our internships so that others can gain the experience, but please don't hesitate to apply to do an internship for the second time...or third time.