Train Hard
We make our initial training program hard and unattractive as a means to filter the right people.

Simple Visual Manual
We create visual training materials so that it can be easily understood, remembered, and reproduced by others worldwide.

Compassion Driven
We are on a rescue mission driven by love not on a conquest driven by ego.

Spirit Led/Empowered
We strive to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit no matter what the costs.

Prayer Powered
We believe that prayer is powerful and that it should fuel the mission.

Home for Misfits
We believe that everyday misfits with a vision from God are capable of turning the world upside down.

13th Floor
We often engage the unengaged in dark, dangerous, despised, or distant places.

We strive to multiply disciples rather than build buildings and attract members.

Big in The Small
We train small bands of Christ followers that are fully committed to the mission rather than masses of half hearted people.

We train and release nationals and participants with out looking over their shoulder.

We value missions agencies but many we train become independent missionaries.

Among Them
We stay in the homes and huts of nationals overseas regardless of their homes condition


The Mission

Our mission is simple, but daunting. We strive to bring the hope of Christ to the dark, dangerous, and despised corners of the world.

The Vision

Our vision is to impact dark,dangerous, and despised area by  awakening, training, and networking unusual soldiers worldwide.

1. We awaken others to the calling of an unusual soldier through speaking events, books, and media.
2. We train the called through Unusual Soldiers training events including: Stranded, Slingshot, Slingshot International, and Online training.
3. We are in the process of creating a global network for Unusual Soldiers. This will serve as a means to keep globetrotting unusual soldiers and nationals equipped and encouraged.

Origins Of Unusual Soldiers

The vision for Unusual Soldiers began on a scouting trip to Arkansas.  Caleb ,the founder, was prayerfully considering to join a church planting team that was about to launch there.  During his trip he attended a local bible study on the main drag to help him discern his next steps. As a result of going to that bible study his life was radically changed.

Caleb found a spot to sit down in that tiny run down store with only a handful of other people.  After a long pause of awkward silence an elderly gentleman limped out of a back room and asked the newcomers to introduce themselves.  Caleb introduced himself and told the man about the church planting team. He mentioned the sacrifices that some of the team members were making and the silver haired teacher seemed amazed. He gazed at Caleb and said, “Boy…that there are some unusual soldiers.”  In that moment, Caleb’s heart was branded with a life long mission. He knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life striving to awaken an army of unusual soldiers for God, but he had no idea what that meant.

In 2000 he started a 6 month discipleship for high school students that involved many mission trips and daring God adventures. He continued to pray that God would paint the vision for unusual soldiers more clearly.

In 2005, Caleb abandoned everything in an attempt to fully grasp what it meant to be an unusual soldier. He emptied his bank account and traveled alone to an unreached tribal area in Africa. He had nothing but a backpack, a Bible, and a burden. On his first trek to an unreached village Caleb uttered the words, “I think I was made for this!” As a result many people came to Christ, disciple-movements were launched, and new churches were eventually planted. Caleb came home with a new vigor to raise up unusual soldiers nationally and internationally. He joined Kingdom Building Ministries as an itinerant speaker and started the ministry of Unusual Soldiers underneath their leadership.


Unusual Soldiers are Christ followers called to impact dark,dangerous, and despised places. Where they go makes them unusual, however who they are makes them even more rare. They are humble hearted individuals that are passionate about Christ, have a vision for the world,and the courage to do something about it. They are ready to face insurmountable odds to see disciples made in these forgotten and feared areas of our planet.

Unusual Soldiers walk a path of humility.

  • The acknowledge that they have sinned and are in need of a Savior

  • They have surrendered their ives to the will and purpose of God

  • They choose to serve God with a shovel not a scepter

Unusual Soldiers love for God, the lost and the suffering is what propels them to action. (Matthew 22:37,38, Romans 9:3, Phil 4, Colossians 4:5,6)

  • They are passionate about knowing and loving God

  • They are Passionate about reaching lost people

  • They are passionate about alleviating the pain of the suffering

Unusual Soldiers have a vision to advance the gospel in dark, dangerous, and despised places across the world.  (John 10:27, Acts 20:24, Acts 1:8, Proverb 26)

  • They have a vision is to bring hope to dark, dangerous, and despised places

  • They have a vision is to make multiplying disciples

  • They have a vision led by the Holy Spirit

Unusual Soldiers  are ready to take extreme risks to see the love and hope of Christ advanced.   (Hebrews 13:13, Duet 31:6, 2 Timothy 1:7)

  • They are morally courageous when tempted

  • They are courageously ready to risk when prompted

  • They are physically courageous when led to endure pain or hardship

Unusual Soldiers  are ready to take extreme risks to see the love and hope of Christ advanced.   (Hebrews 13:13, Duet 31:6, 2 Timothy 1:7)

  • They are morally courageous when tempted

  • They are courageously ready to risk when prompted

  • They are physically courageous when led to endure pain or hardship

Unusual Soldiers  are ready to take extreme risks to see the love and hope of Christ advanced.   (Hebrews 13:13, Duet 31:6, 2 Timothy 1:7)

  • They are morally courageous when tempted

  • They are courageously ready to risk when prompted

  • They are physically courageous when led to endure pain or hardship 

STRANDED What is It?

Stranded is the “Basic Training”  of Unusual Soldiers and there is nothing else like it on the planet. It's a training gauntlet that will test your endurance, character, and mental fortitude as you engage in a simulated mission trip to a dangerous region full of tribesmen, wild animals, and rebels. Stranded keeps you on your toes, because the script always changes and sometimes it hurts. Therefore, if you think that you know everything that happens at Stranded because you read Caleb's book 'Dangerous'...think again.

Stranded will give you the unique opportunity to walk in the shoes of those who are tragically suffering as well as help you discern your personal call to action. You will be discovering the common traits that reside inside of every unusual soldier (world-changer) as you dive into the Unusual Soldiers training manual. Lastly, you will be taken through some worst case scenarios that will teach you the basic principals of survival, escape, and evasion.

Stranded is led by the director of Unusual Soldiers, Caleb Bislow. Caleb is the author of Dangerous, an international missions strategist, and a speaker for Kingdom Building Ministries. Caleb speaks from experience because of his wide range of ministry in dark, dangerous, and despised places across the globe. He is an ordained minister and was trained in survival by Bear Grylls and ex-British Commandos in the Scottish highlands.

After you you survive Stranded you will go home with a training manual, some survival gear, missionary insights, and possibly a couple new scars. It’s tough...it’s grueling...it’s rewarding!

After completing Stranded you will become part of the Unusual Soldiers tribe. This makes you eligible to go to Slingshot as a means to develop a strategy for the vision that God has placed on your heart.

Goals Of Stranded

  • Awaken a calling to Dark, Dangerous, Despised Places

  • Discover who you are and begin to discern what territory God is calling you too.

  • Know how to survive in hard environments/people if you get in a bind

  • Understand core values of being an unusual soldiers and key components of missional strategy.


Guide Your Team

  1. Know your Team

  2. Visit every person

  3. Know everyones name

  4. Know little everyone’s passion

  1. Situational Awareness

  2. Risk Assesment- Safe Camp

  3. Individuals - Drinking water!

  4. Know the pasture (Map)

  1. Physical Training

  2. Random exercises - Cards

  3. Self Defense - Spear!

  4. Don’t overdo it, just wake them up.

  1. Debriefing with the team in the mornings

  2. Debriefing is an opportunity to reflect on an experience and make it meaningful by identifying what they learned about themselves, others, and ministering in DDD place.

  1. Sharing a missionary story at night

  2. Humility

  3. Passion

  4. Vision

  5. Courage


    • People, Food , Objects, Airport runs, Drive to Lex

Be A Character

    • Vultures, Guides, Rebels, etc.

    • Goal: To be unrecognizable (voice,look)

Survival Lessons

You may be involved in teaching a survival lesson

    • Knife safetey

    • Fire

    • Shelter

    • Food

    • Water

    • Navigation

Set up & Tear Down

Run Challenges


      • Allow the confident to eat some humble pie

      • Elevate the humble

      • Allow people to confront their fears

      • Total Failure is not the goal.

      • Create Tough Decisions

      • Look for opportunities for people to choose the “selfless road” vs the “me road”

Egg Gauntlet Challenges

    • Web:  Girls, Glory, and Gold

    • Cure: One Remedy vs Relativism

    • Rope Swings: Redemptive Bridge

    • Goal Post: Ultimate Goal Making Disciples

    • Helium Stick: Unity of Missionaries

Nightly Checks

    • Midnight

    • 3 AM

Evening Meetings

    • Led by a co-leader

    • Go over the plans for the next day

    • Pray


“When the apostles returned, they reported to Jesus what they had done. Then he took them with him and they withdrew by  themselves to a town called Bethsaida.” Luke 9:10


  • Make it a confidential setting

  • Get everyone to talk

  • Go around to each person at times

  • Make it interesting & unpredictable

  • Do 1 to 10 body checks


What did you observe and feel?

So What?

What can you learn?

Conflicts, Commitment Level, Group Climate,  Cooperation, Gender Stereotypes, Personality Types, Organization, Strategy, Trust, Leadership, Communication, Feelings, Decision Making, Team Work, Unity, Positive Attitude.

Now What?
How can you apply this to real life or missions?

Optional: Crap Sandwich

Postives > Growth Areas > End on a Positive


Layout of a basic survival lesson.  Each lesson may last up to one hour.

  • Teaching/demo 1/2 hour

  • Hands on 1/2 hour

1.  Introduction:

  • Name

  • Health and Safety

  • House Keeping

  • General info

2. Class Grabber: Story, Stat, Metaphor

3.  Aim and Objectives

Start - explanation of what you are doing

Middle - demonstration and practice

End -  Asking Open and Closed Questions

  • Closed question:  What is this? (one answer)

  • Open Questions: Lots of alternative answers.

  • Ask group as whole or ask individually

  • Quizzes - who can tell me?

4.  Summarize whole lesson: in one minute

5.  Look forward:  

Next up we are going to…..

Optional Methods:

DIP Method: Demonstrate - Imitate - Practice

Set Up - Organized

  • Bags laid out

  • show you are a pro

  • kits organized

  • regimented

  • teaching aids ready to go

Class Comfort

  • Be observant of how people are feeling


A great story involves multiple tensions points that grow to an eventual climax.

2.  Multiple Tensions. (STRANDED)

A Missionary Team set out to a dangerous land to reach the Vulture tribe….etc.