Mobile Stranded (Custom)

Stranded is now able bring to your location.  Mobile Stranded will teach students the core values of being an Unusual Soldier, the priorities of survival, and the basics of developing a mission strategy.

Length: 48 hours ( ie. Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm)
Who can attend: Christ followers 18 years of age or older
Group Size: 12 to 30
Price: $375 per student
Minimum Total Event Cost: $4,500 (12 students)
Host provides:

  • 80+ forested acres or National Forests access with the ability to build primitive shelters.

  • Local volunteers. (a medic is a bonus)

  • Emergency shelter location.

Price includes:

  • Training Manual

  • Stranded T shirt.

  • Two trainers from Unusual Soldiers and their travel cost.

  • All shipped supplies and "meals" from start to finish.

  • Students will be loaned all the necessary survival gear but will not take any home.

  • An experience that could turn your life upside down