"You guys are some unusual soldiers."
~Stranger from Arkansas


he vision for Unusual Soldiers began on a scouting trip to Arkansas during the summer of 2000.  Caleb ,the founder, was prayerfully considering to join a church planting team that was about to launch there.  During his trip he attended a local bible study on the main drag to help him discern his next steps. As a result of going to that bible study his life was radically changed. 
Caleb found a spot to sit down in that tiny run down store with only a handful of other people.  After a long pause of awkward silence an elderly gentleman limped out of a back room and asked the newcomers to introduce themselves.  Caleb introduced himself and told the man about the church planting team. He mentioned the sacrifices that some of the team members were making and the silver haired teacher seemed amazed. He gazed at Caleb and said, “You guys are some unusual soldiers.”  In that moment, Caleb’s heart was branded with a life long mission. He knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life striving to awaken an army of unusual soldiers for God, but he had no idea what that meant.

In 2000 he started a 6 month discipleship for high school students that involved many mission trips and daring God adventures. He continued to pray that God would paint the vision for unusual soldiers more clearly.

In 2005, Caleb abandoned everything in an attempt to fully grasp what it meant to be an unusual soldier. He emptied his bank account and traveled alone to an unreached tribal area in Africa. He had nothing but a backpack, a Bible, and a burden. On his first trek to an unreached village Caleb uttered the words, “I think I was made for this!” As a result many people came to Christ, disciple-movements were launched, and new churches were eventually planted. Caleb came home with a new vigor to raise up unusual soldiers nationally and internationally. He joined Kingdom Building Ministries as an itinerant speaker and started the ministry of Unusual Soldiers underneath their leadership.

Unusual Soldiers is a small movement that has awakened unusual soldiers for Christ on every inhabited continent.