Our ministry exist to engage the Dark, Dangerous, and Despised
corners of the world, by training up Unusual Soldiers.



Unusual Soldiers have surrendered their lives to Jesus and walk in humility.


Unusual Soldiers are passionate about Jesus.


Unusual Soldiers envision hope for those that reside in dark, dangerous, or despised places.


Unusual Soldiers engage the mission and are willing to suffer for their cause.



The toughest places on earth refer to dark, dangerous, or despised corners of the world. Uncomfortable places where “normal” people don’t want to go.

DARK CORNERS: Unengaged, Isolated, and Restricted People

DANGEROUS CORNERS: Hunted, Infected, and Convicted People

DESPISED CORNERS: Abandoned, Enslaved, and Marginalized People



The vision for Unusual Soldiers began on a scouting trip to Arkansas during the summer of 2000.  Caleb, the founder of Unusual Soldiers, was scouting the area with a church planting team.  During his trip he attended a local bible study on the main drag to help him discern his next steps. As a result of going to that little bible study his life was radically changed. Caleb found a spot to sit down in that tiny run down store with only a handful of other people.  After a long pause of awkward silence an elderly gentleman limped out of a back room and asked the newcomers to introduce themselves.  Caleb introduced himself and told everyone about the church planting team. He mentioned the sacrifices that some of the team members were making and the silver haired teacher seemed amazed. He gazed at Caleb and said, “You guys, are some unusual soldiers.”  In that moment, Caleb’s heart was branded with a life long mission. He knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life striving to awaken an army of unusual soldiers for God, but he had no idea what that meant and it took the next eight years to find out.

In 2000, Caleb became a youth pastor in Port Huron, Michigan, rather than a church planter. However, he remembered the word’s of that old man in Arkansas and quickly started a 6 month discipleship bootcamp for a select few students called “Unusual Soldiers”. This training program taught students the importance of Humility, Passion, Vision, and Courage. Each month the training included an element to take the students out of their comfort-zones and it ended with a cross cultural mission trip. However, as the years passed Caleb began to sense that ‘Unusual Soldiers’ was suppose to be something more than a youth program.


In 2005, He felt the Lord leading him to abandon everything in an attempt to fully grasp what it means to be an unusual soldier. He quit his job, emptied his bank account, and with his wife’s blessing he traveled alone to Africa in hopes of seeing unreached Maasai villages find hope. He had nothing but a backpack, a Bible, and a burden. As he partnered with Maasai Christian men, he was amazed at their boldness - these men truly were Unusual Soldiers. Their willingness to pioneer into dark and even dangerous situations inspired Caleb. And the results blew Caleb away; numerous people came to Christ. However, this initial trip had only planted a seed.

In 2006, Caleb joined a non-profit called Forge that allowed him to be a full-time itinerant and gave him the freedom to launch global endeavors. This partnership helped Caleb take his ministry to the Maasai to the next level.

In 2007, An initiative was launched to plot the remaining unreached Maasai villages by plane. It sounded like a childish dream, but it came to fruition and was fully funded by one youth ministry in Nappanee, Indiana.

In 2008, Caleb and three Maasai leaders gathered and trained 30 teams of Maasai (including three teams with Americans) to blitz the unreached plotted regions. Many American churches came behind this effort to pray and fund the rental cars, food, and conference fees. After the conference the teams were immediately sent out to engage plotted unreached regions all across southern Kenya. Watching the thirty teams drive off was an amazing sight, Caleb had never seen such valor in action. He was undeniably witnessing a movement of ‘Unusual Soldiers’ . As a result many faced trials and obstacles, but in the end every team had a victorious report. Many had come to Christ, disciple-movements were launched, and eventually new churches were planted.

On 8/8/08, a line was drawn in the sand and the dream of raising up more unusual soldiers nationally and internationally was fully realized. The ministry of raising up Unusual Soldiers to engage dark, dangerous, and despised places has now expanded to every inhabited continent, but that’s another story. Read Caleb’s book, Dangerous, to learn more.