A Warrior’s Prayer



This is my request.  My petition. My desire.  
Give me…

  • a heart to know you like David

  • selfless humility like John the Baptist

  • ears that hear your voice like Samuel

  • unwavering morality like Joseph

  • inspired creativity like Bezalel

  • awe-filled worship like Mary

  • prayers that mean something like Hannah

  • convictions worth dying for like Daniel

  • whatever-it-takes compassion like Esther

  • diehard comrades like Jonathan

  • extreme faith like Abraham

  • courage to go against the odds like Caleb

  • disciple-making vision like Barnabas

  • words that change lives like Peter

  • unfathomable wonders like Elijah

  • fierce determination like Deborah

  • trailblazing zeal like Paul

  • innovative strategies like Joshua

  • resilient stamina like Noah

  • enduring trust like Job

Lord I pray, that you would be gloried with my life and that I would not detour from the legacy that you have set for me.

Is there a person in the Bible that has an attribute that inspires you? Let us know who it is in the comment section.