Three Ducks


Question: Three ducks were sitting on the edge of a fast flowing river.  One of the ducks decides to swim to the other side. How many ducks are left?

Hmm, the quick answer is two, but it sounds like a trick question doesn’t it.

Answer: Three. Just because you (or a duck) decide to do something doesn’t mean that you will actually do it.

But what if one of those ducks actually goes for it. What if one of them dares to take on a fast flowing river to get to the other side…then how many do you have left?

Okay, now the answer must be two, but realistically I still think that is the wrong answer.

Answer: Zero.  When you (or a duck) courageously decide to take a risk for a worthy cause it will often embolden those around you to do the same.

Billy Graham said it this way, “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.”

One of the biggest regrets a person of faith has on their death bed is that they didn’t take more risks.  This is a  reminder that the greatest moments in your life will not take place when you make a decision, but when you act on one.  And you never know who might be inspired to follow you.  Courage inspires courage.

The World's Most Dangerous Place


A while back, I did an interview with Moody Radio’s program, “Choose this Day”. When the host asked me to tell the listeners about the most dangerous places that I have found myself in, my mind raced to a place that I had not shared about in previous interviews.  I told her that the most dangerous place I had been was the couch in my own living room.  It may sound comical, but it’s true.

Inherently, my couch isn't a dangerous place…for me.  But it is extremely dangerous for the millions of people in the world who are waiting for someone like you and me to fight for them. My couch is dangerous for me, because it tempts me to disengage from the mission that God has given me. My desire for comfort can easily outweigh the cause that God has set for me.

It’s estimated…

  • 27 million people are in slavery right now

  • 4,000 children die from dysentery every day due to unclean water and poor sanitation

  • 100 million people worldwide are homeless and one-third of those people have been uprooted from their home due to a tragedy.

  • 17,000 people have been illegally trafficked into the United States

  • 3 billion people survive on $2/day

  • one-third of the world has never heard about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus

Don’t get me wrong. There is a time to rest, but sleeping our entire life away is dangerous. May we move past being people that react to becoming people that act.