Unusual Soldiers are a RARE BREED OF Christ followers ENDEAVORING to BRING HOPE TO the dark, dangerous, and despised corners of the world.

We offer three different training programs for aspiring Unusual Soldiers.


Stranded is where the adventure begins. It is a scenario based bootcamp for aspiring unusual soldiers. Stranded is for the ordinary person trying to discern their calling as well as for adventurers that have a desire to take the hope of Christ to a dark, dangerous, or a despised place. more…

Curriculum: Level 1
Core Values of Unusual Soldiers
Curriculum: Level 2
Basic Missions and Survival Training


Do you have a dark, dangerous, or despised region on your heart, but you’re clueless where to begin?  Slingshot helps you prepare a missions strategy that will help you discern next steps and teach you how to become an independent “missionary” or start a ministry.

Curriculum: Level 3
Strategic Missions Training


If the Lord has called you to a dangerous or a restricted region than SHREWD is a must. Dangerous places are no place for big egos or naiveté.  Shrewd will help you understand how "wolves" (bad guys) think and give you insights on how to avoid and overcome them.  This training is in development and should be available in 2020!

Curriculum: Level 4
Risk Management and Security Training

“Unusual Soldiers isn’t just about training people, it’s about
launching them out to engage the places no one else will.”

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The ministry of UNUSUAL SOLDIERS has been featured on the 700 Club Interactive, 100 Huntley Street (Canada), The Harvest Show, Moody Bible Radio, Open House (Australia), K-Love, and many more. You can also find stories about Unusual Soldiers training events in the book ‘Dangerous’ by adventurer Caleb Bislow and in the book ‘Fight for the Forgotten’, by MMA fighter Justin Wren.



In the near future Unusual Soldiers will offer training programs that can be brought to your region. Stay tuned for custom events and opportunities on this website.