Stranded is the “Basic Training”  of Unusual Soldiers and there is nothing else like it on the planet. It's a training event that will test your endurance, character, and mental fortitude as you engage in a simulated mission trip to a dangerous region full of tribesmen, wild animals, and rebels.  Stranded keeps you on your toes, because the script always changes. Therefore, if you think that you know everything that happens at Stranded because you read Caleb's book 'Dangerous'...think again.

Stranded is not summer camp or a rugged camping trip. It's more than a "been-there-done-that" event.  It's 50% bootcamp, 50% school, and 100% insanity.  Stranded aims to launch those that dare to take it on. So don't be surprised if you find yourself bringing light to a dark, dangerous, or despised place within a year following Stranded.  Endeavoring to bring the hope of Christ to dark, dangerous, and despised places through people like you, is the ultimate goal.

After you survive Stranded you will go home with a training manual, a top rated survival knife, a book on missions, and possibly a couple new scars. You will also become a part of the Unusual Soldiers tribe and made eligible for our strategic training conference called Slingshot

It’s tough...it’s grueling...it’s rewarding!

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Dates: Sunday, June 2nd (2PM) to Friday, June 7th (6PM)
Optional: Students may stay an extra night, but will be responsible for their own meals.
Application Deadline: April 1st, 2019
Location: Franklin, Nebraska
(a.k.a. The Middle of Nowhere)
Group size: Space Limited.
Status: Open for applications
Who can apply: Christ followers 18 years of age or older
Price: $475
Price includes: 

  • Unusual Soldiers Training Manual

  • Unusual Soldiers Training Team

  • Top rated survival knife

  • Escape/Evasion tool

  • Missions book

  • Stranded T-shirt

  • An experience that could turn your life upside down


Stranded will teach you how to…

  1. Synergize on a team of aspiring unusual soldiers.

  2. Take calculated risks.

  3. Rediscover yourself.

  4. Awaken the core values of an Unusual Soldier in your life.

  5. Navigate hostile environments.

  6. Discern God's calling.

  7. Empathize with those that are suffering.

  8. Develop a basic mission strategy.


“Stranded was the best worst week of my life.” - Strandedite


Where is the Unusual Soldiers HQ? 
1401 L Street
Franklin, Nebraska 68939

When is my money due?
If you are accepted then you will be required to make your deposit of $100 within two weeks of receiving your acceptance letter, otherwise, you will be put on a waiting list.  The remainder of your money is due by May 1st.

What should I bring?
A backpack containing anything of your choice (no firearms!), just remember anything can happen at Stranded so don't spend a fortune on gear. However, here are some "Must Haves":

  • Backpack

  • Sleeping bag

  • Jacket

  • Water bottle

  • Clothes - that can get trashed

  • Hiking shoes

  • Mosquito/tick repellent

  • Headlamp with a red light mode

  • Good Attitude

Is Stranded tax-deductible?
Yes. You may want to try to raise the funds through your local church if you are not able to pay for it individually.

Who leads Stranded?
The leadership team of Stranded varies from missionaries, adventure guides, survival instructors, EMTs, former military, weirdos, and former Stranded graduates who have endeavored to dark, dangerous, and despised places across the globe. Your safety is in mind, but risks must be taken to reach the "tribe".

Oops, I got accepted to Stranded but I lost the link to fill out the Release Forms? 
Don't fret. Click here.

How do I get to Franklin for Stranded?  Good luck! There is no easy way to get to Franklin outside of driving so this is where the adventure begins. Some have even driven from New York to participate (1,400miles!).  If you want to get a flight then Kearney, Grand Island, and Lincoln are the closest airports.  If you want to take the train then Holdrege, Nebraska is the closest station. Please keep in mind, that the Unusual Soldiers team will not be picking you up so you will have to brainstorm travel plans and make arrangements with your teammates on a Stranded  Facebook group . 

I applied but I never heard back from Unusual Soldiers?  If you do not hear from Unusual Soldiers within a month of your application then please contact them on the contact page to make sure there was not a glitch on the website or a problem with the internet.  Unusual Soldiers starts the review process the end of October and continues to meet monthly until May 1st.

Where do I make my Final Payment?
 You can send it online here.

Or you can send a check in the mail with a note on it.  Please make it payable to FORGE at this address:

804 18th Ave
Franklin, Ne 68939





From a warring tribal village in Africa to a Rob Zombie concert to a Guatemalan prison to a bombed out church in Sudan, Caleb Bislow shares firsthand stories of how God is working around the world. Some see Caleb's life and faith as extreme, but to him, sharing God's love in the most dangerous and despised places in the world is simply living a life of surrender.

With humbleness and even some humor, Caleb inspires readers to step out of their comfort zones and take godly risks wherever they are. Rounding out the book are appendixes of organizations to join or support and specific prayer needs around the world. 

The first and last chapter of Dangerous take readers on a journey thru Stranded.  You can also catch a glimpse of what some of those that went thru Stranded are doing now. 

One Man's Extreme Faith Challenges Believers to Live More Radical Lives.  



 Justin's heart became ignited for the Pygmies while he was at Stranded.  Shortly after Stranded Justin traveled with Unusual Soldiers to meet the Pygmies on a scouting trip.  His heart for them was crushed when he saw their suffering and learned that they were a forgotten people.  As a result, Justin founded a nonprofit called Fight for the Forgotten that has freed Pygmy slaves and drilled nearly 50 water wells.  You can read more about Justin's story in his book Fight for the Forgotten which devotes an entire chapter to his pivotal moments at Stranded.

 "Stranded is where I met Caleb Bislow, the man who would show me that I wasn't just a UFC warrior, but a warrior for God." - Justin Wren, Fight for the Forgotten, page 100



Learn more about Stranded on this episode of 700 club Interactive.  Interviews about Stranded have also appeared on 100 Huntley Street (Canada), and the Harvest Show.



Our leadership and intern team all have a heart for Jesus and his mission. The instructors for Stranded come from a variety of backgrounds. Below are a list of leaders that may be present at your upcoming training event.

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Founder of Unusual Soldiers

C.B. is the author of Dangerous, an international missions strategist, ordained minister, and a speaker for FORGE. He trains from experience because of his wide range of ministry initiatives in dark, dangerous, and despised places across the globe. He has sparked international movements and inspired many to be independent missionaries. He is also a certified Wilderness First Responder, trained in Crises management, and was trained in survival by Bear Grylls and Former British Commandos.

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Professional Wilderness Guide

L.W. served as an adventure guide for 7 years throughout remote parts of Asia. Before venturing off to Asia he received Outdoor training in rock climbing, Kayaking, and backpacking from National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). He works for Pioneer Seed and is the youth director at his church.  He is also a Wilderness First Responder and a certified EMT.

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Special Ops Instructor

N.L. has spent the past 20+ years working and training in U.S. Special Operations and with numerous government agencies in national security activities relating to foreign policy and international programs. N.L. is a senior advisor to political and military leaders on special activities in global crisis response and emergency management.  He is a combat veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan conducting over 100+ undercover missions into high threat environments and semi permissive countries.

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Independent Missionary

B.B. is a decorated Eagle scout that was once on a pursuit to be an engineer, but God wrecked that dream in the best way possible. He is now a graduate of CCU and works as an independent Missionary to carry the gospel of Jesus wherever the Spirit of God leads him, including some of the most remote and restricted places in the world.  He is the founder of the "Romans 10 Project" and is currently translating the Bible for one of the last hunter gathering tribes in Africa.

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Fireman/Ropes Specialist

F.S. is an avid adventurist with 22 years experience as a firefighter/EMT. He is an Alumni of Rigging For Rescue and is certified NFPA instructor in high angle technical rescue. He completed the Bear Grylls Survival Academy Instructors course in the Valley of Fire, Nevada.  He has experience in launching initiatives in restricted nations and will travels all the way from his home in Saskatchewon, Canada.

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T.B.A. represents the other instructors and interns that will be present. Don’t let these avatars fool you. This list is not exhaustive and there are other men and women from a variety of backgrounds and races that may be joining our leadership or intern team. Some of them are missionaries, former military, artists, former Strandedites, athletes, pastors, nonprofit founders, weirdos, brain-iacs, nurses, ranchers, box-breakers, itinerant speakers, and fellow adventurers.

Look out! Pushing the ‘Apply’ button could mess up your life…in the best way possible!
The choice is yours.